Your hands tell your age


Women do so many efforts, use many products, and even apply homemade remedies to beautify their face, for glowing skin. Mean while they ignore their HANDS. While  your age is actually tells by your hands.

You can’t deny this fact that after your face hands are the next part which gets noticed by others. You greet, eat, play, drive, serve, and pray with your hands that God has blessed us with. You should realize importance of your hands & give them care too because they are precious.

Here we have some beneficial tips for YOU to make your hands beautiful & attractive.

  • If your hands have lost their softness, mix Petroleum jelly with Carbolic acid & apply this daily on your hands & get back their softness.
  • Mix glycerin & rose water well, apply this solution every night on your hands and you will feel that your hands are getting smooth and gentle day by day.
  • To whiten your fingers joints, rub lemon on it.
  • At least once a week massage your hands for 15 to 20 minutes with Olive oil or almond oil then put them in Luke warm water for 10 minutes, it will helps your hands muscles relax.
  • Take small bottle of glycerin, add same amount of honey, mix egg white in it stir well and daily apply on your hands
  • Take raw milk, add honey and lemon juice in it mix well then apply to your hands.
  • Don’t forget to apply sun block on to your hands whenever going to sun exposure.
  • Don’t just remember to get facial but also manicure.
  • Use gloves before washing pots.


  • Ramsha Shakeel

    From This Article i have an awareness that how to care my hands i always neglect my hands while taking care of my face now i recognized that Beauty of hands is also matters for looking a beautiful Thank you so much Rivaji Fashion Magazine you did an excellent job to brings such beautiful information in one place

  • Ramsha Shakeel

    From this article i got an awareness about how to care about my hands i usually neglects my hands while taking care of my beauty now i realized that the beautiful hands enhances your beauty , Thank you Rivaji Fashion Magazine you did an excellent job to gather all the beautiful information in one place Thanks a lot

    • Thanks dear and yes every woman should take care of her hands as your hands get notice much.

  • Ramsha Shakeel

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    LOVE this artical. I shared it on my facebook . Keep up the great work xx.

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  • LOVE this artical. I shared it on my facebook . Keep up the great work xx

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    • thanks, you can find more useful article on our site. Keep visiting, stay update. 🙂

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    thanx for reminding hands care.. thankuuu so much i too neglects my hands 🙁 but from today it doesnt happen mor 🙂 credit goes to the article,

  • mery hand k nails bohat totty is ki koi achi tip ha?

    • Rub a piece of garlic or lemon on your nails for about 10 minutes. Avoid to dip your hands too much in harmful chemical like washing powder or dish wash soap. Soon we will post complete tips on nails.

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