Uses of Oranges for healthy Skin


Oranges are nature’s healthy fruit and rich source of vitamin C, nutrients and minerals.

Orange is that fruit, whose pulp and peel both are useful for skin. Its better to take orange juice in the morning as it is more useful.

Oranges can be use in the form of juice, salad or desert. Always wash oranges before use and better to roll on a surface to get more juice.

There are many health benefits to use oranges, as oranges can prevent from Kidney stone, Its balance the sugar level and prevent diabetes, help to control blood pressure, he to weight loss. Oranges contain fibre that helps in digestion food. Oranges are also useful to help fighting against cancer(skin, lungs and breast). Oranges are specially used to eat to prevent the cold and influenza in winters.


Oranges are useful for Skin:

  1. Oranges are helpful to reduce acne, oranges peel are use to make scrub or mask for skin.

Take some orange peel and let them dried, make powder in grinder,

mix some water or plain milk to make paste and apply it on your face.

Slightly rub after 10 minutes and wash with fresh water.

  1. Orange’s peels also have bleaching agent that can make complexion fair.
  2. Oranges keep your skin hydrates, and prevent to become dry.
  3. Because it has rich source of vitamin C, which improves the skin texture and colour.
  4. Oranges are also helpful to reduce blackheads, use orange peel scrub on nose to remove blackheads.
  5. Orange juice is useful to brighten skin, take orally or you can spray orange juice by squeezing juice into a spray bottle or freeze in ice cubes.
  6. Oranges scrub remove excess oil from skin and give freshness to skin.








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