Uses of Rose water in summer season


Women are using rose water since centuries to keep their skin fresh and soothe. Rose water has many benefits in it. Women of old era extract rose water at home by homemade method. But now rose spray or rose water is easily available in markets.
Rose water has some anti-bacterial properties. it is very useful to remove acne and scars from skin. Rose water is also very useful to reduce redness and irritation from sensitive skin.
Rose water can be use as sunblock also. apply some mixture of rosewater and glycerin on your face before going under the sun rays, specially when you enjoy a picnic on a beach, it will protect you to burn your skin.
Rose water is also use as a toner, it tightens up skin pores and make skin soft and clear.
Use rose water to clean your makeup with the help of cotton bud.
In summer season, keep your rose water spray in refrigerator and use before going in the kitchen or when you feel hotness on your face.

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