Tomato is best for healthy skin

Every women struggles for their beauty, they tries different moisturizers and creams to look fresh. But we should always try to use natural things for our skin, as they doesnot have side effects.
Vegetables makes your skin fresh.  we have no idea that vegetables plays an important role in one’s life. Even these days doctors are encouraging us to eat more and more vegetables. Vegetables can be used in form of salad in our meals. Even they can be used in different masks as it help in the brightness of skin.
Tomato is one of the most basic vegetable. It is also one of the basic ingredient of our dishes and we used them in different salads.There are many benefits of eating tomotoes.
Few benefits
They are good for skin. Tomatoes helps in preventing several types of cancers. They contain calcuim which are good for bones. They also reduces risk of kidney stones, they are good for hairs as they make the hairs look good.
We should atleast eat two tomatoes daily.
Tomato Mask
One of the most simple and easy mask is of tomatoes. All you need to do is to make a paste of tomato in grinder. Add water in the paste, then add sugar and glacerin. Put it on stove untill it becomes thick. Remove the material from stove once it becomes thick , preserve it in some bottle
Use it when you need to do clean your skin.