SRK at Salman Khan’s house for Sangeet ceremony of his sister


Arpita Khan’s wedding will be among the most talked about weddings of the year.

Shahrukh Khan attended Salman Khan’s sister sangeet ceremony at salman’s apartment.

shahrukh khan in arpita sangeet

SRK also gifted Arpita a big expensive gift hamper with designer bags. Since Arpita loves designer bags, SRK got her the latest and best handbags of the biggest international brands in the market. It comes to know that Shah Rukh spent a lot of time sitting and chatting with Salman and his father Salim Khan.


The stage is ready for Salman Khan’s sister, Arpita’s wedding in Hyderabad on November 18. Salman Khan booked The Faluknama Palace from November 13 to 22, at the cost of Rs 1 crore per day. It comes to know that the bride and groom will ride a chariot escorted by 50 soldiers and beating drums. The guests will be taken on buggy to the palace from the approach road, where they will have to leave their private vehicles.

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