Silky Straight Hair

Silky straight hair is a heartily desire of every girl. They try different styles and do many experiences with their hair but lastly left to choose straight hair. Straight hair is considered to be modest and yet fashionable in every season and for all occasion. Today in the fashion world POKER STRAIGHT is not widely practiced rather slightly DENSE & VOLUMISE straight hair are in fashion. They just give stunning looks and for this one doesn’t need to use straightening iron because just blow dry would serve the purpose.



First shampoo your hair and apply any branded voluminous serum or spray on it. Then with using round brush blow dry your hair. Before you start the blow dry make sure that your hair are rough dry by using your fingers. Hold the hair away from the scalp and point your dryer so that the air could flow from the crown of your head to downward. Repeat this step holding your head upside down. In order to add shine to your hair again apply spay or serum. Another important tip is to spray the serum on your hair brush then apply it to your hair. Make sure it is evenly distributed and also avoid using too much product at one point of time.

Dress up well, pick up colors and combination that suit you the best, be confident in your attitude and specially the hair style and get ready to have applause from the audience.