Shahrukh Khan tweet about Pakistani Chai wala


Pakistani “chai wala” Arhsad Khan has become popular in very short span of time. His coloured eyes made him sensational on social media. Many advertising companies and brands contacted him for modeling. Now he has become more demanding after SRK tweet.  In an interview Arshad Khan was asked that which start he looks like. He replied adorably “Shahrukh Khan”.

Superstar Shahrukh Khan noticed that on tweeter and retweeted  his answer by appreciate his beauty.


Arshad Khan ,known as chai wala is 18 years old. He has 17 siblings. He has never been to school. He is an uneducated guy and belongs to a poor family. He worked as “chai wala” in a local dhaba. He got fame on social media when a reporter from a local news channel captured his picture, in which his blue eyes looking frankly towards the camera. After that his picture went viral and many girls got crazy after seeing it.


He was also invited as a guest in popular morning show “good morning Pakistan”.