Selfie Mania


I remember one of my wonderful memories with my parents when we arranged a picnic usually at sea side or mazar-e-quaid (as we loved to see guards over there) and there were photographers who insisted to click a photo against receiving some amount. We became very excited after getting hard copy of our photo within few seconds and our mother always kept those photos very safely as she had to show them to others. Then my father bought a manual camera, me and my siblings were very excited after having that. Usually 36 photographs could be taken by this camera. After an era, manual camera was replaced by digital camera. It’s one of best quality, was to take unlimited pictures.  With the passing time smart phones were introduce in the world of technology and it is just like a revolutionary gadget in today’s world.  Now smart phones have all the necessary functions including very fine front and back camera. It would not be wrong to say that most of the smart phone users just like to take selfies with their phones.


In the present era, the craziest trend is “Selfie”. It has become a viral fashion throughout the world. From president of America to a mommy, a bollywood star to a school student, everyone likes to capture himself by taking selfies.

I think, here I don’t need to define term “selfie” because perhaps there are only few peoples who do not know what is selfie? But anyways I will define briefly that the term “selfie” means to take own photo by front camera or some time with back camera of smart phones. People usually takes 8 to 10 pictures at a time while taking selfies because now there is no issue of limited “reel” or pictures development process at studio.

Now autograph by celebrities has also replaced with selfies.  Fans does not want to take autograph when they meet their favourite personalities, they wish to have a selfie with them.


Taking selfies has become a fun also. Anywhere, anytime, selfie lovers just mean to have selfies, it does not matter what’s the situation behind.



Some analyst says that taking and posting selfies on social sites is a sign of inferiority. Like after posting or sharing sefies with friends and circle, people eagerly wants to have more “likes” and good comments. If there are minimum “likes”, people become worried while getting an extra numbers of “likes”, they become proud whether how they might be looking  in real life or  peoples around them do like them or not.

Sometime selfie fever has gone wrong. Situation was not in favour of selfie lover.

When we talk about celebrities and selfies, many controversial things come to our knowledge like one of waseem badami (famous tv host) selfie with maria wasti during a morning show.

Another controversy created after Mufti Qawi’s selfie with Qandeel baloch(late) which become viral on social media as well as tv channels. Mufti qawi had to suffer a lot after that like he was dismissed by his duties.


Komal rizvi’s selfie with Edhi sahib (late) became viral and criticize on social media.



selfie mania was never criticize before but now social media usage is popular day by day, uploading  and sharing selfies on there has made “selfies” an awful act. Many accidents are also happens during taking a selfie. Like a girl in a park was taking selfie while she was on a ride, she did not balance herself and dropped down. She had bad injuries.

People should be careful when taking selfies. Do not take selfies in unfavourable condition or situation. It will make more criticize instead of like.