Tips for natural soft pink lips


Soft pink lips add beauty on your face and charm to your smile. color and texture of your lips reveal about your health and life style so its necessary to pay attention and care them. Low quality cosmetics (e.g lipstick, lips gloss) are the main reason to turn your lips black. Here are some easy home remedies by which you can get soft pink lips as you wants.

  • Take  some  rose petals and mix them with cream and form a paste. Use it daily and you will feel that your lips are becoming pink and soft.
  • Rub a piece of beet root on your lips. It also turn dark lips into pink.
  • Massage with olive oil every morning for soft pink lips.
  • Mix lemon juice in almond oil and use on lips.
  • Mix half tea spoon olive oil,sugar and honey.massage with it
  • Slice a lemon and gently massage on lips with it. lemon has bleaching agents.
  • Equal amount of lime juice and glycerin will significantly lighten dark lips.
  • Apply aloe Vera gel on lips before going to bed and in a week you will see results.
  • so useful and easy tips ..i love pink lips……i will try olive oil and aloe vera gel …..:)

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  • kainat alamin

    so useful tips…that we can apply it at our home

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