Reason of hairs getting grey


Usually we all have black hairs. But (approximately) after at the age of 50 , they started turning in to grey. The basic reason behind is that there is cell melanin which stopped making color and as a reason they all turns in to grey. Now days the youngsters hairs are getting gray at early age. Medical science cannot find a technique in which we can make the hairs black naturally. But we can make the procedure slow from getting grey quickly. We can eat those things  which have Vitamin E and Antioxidants. For example Spinach, Almonds, Fish, Sun flower seed has vitamin E and Antioxidant in great amount. We should eat vegetables , fruits and dry fruits in our daily meal.
Usually it has been perceived that early grey hairs are due to mental stress and work load. According to Psychologist people who think more their hairs turn grey early, those who have flu or sinus problem continuously there hairs turn grey.
There are many other reasons also:
If thyroid gland is not functioning properly, deficiency of vitamin E and B.
People who smoke there hairs turns grey early
Excessive intake of tea and coffee make hairs grey.
Eating too much unhealthy oily food make hair grey.
Lack of vitamin C is also one of the reason.
Sometimes after typhoid fever hairs hair started getting grey early.

As a result people started dying their hairs. We should always use a good hair dye so that it persist.
We should not use shampoo daily. As they make hair dry. Shampoo should only be used thrice a week. If you are habitual of doing shampoo then should use baby shampoo.


    true.. hairs getting grey eraly nw
    n right main cause SHAMPOOO

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