Permanent Hair Extensions


Permanent hair extension is a modern technique or treatment, which offer by many beauty salons nowadays. By this technique, artificial or real hair is attached with existing hair or on scalp by weaving, gluing, sewing or clipping it on so that hair looks thick, long and healthy.


With getting this service just in one day, anyone’s look or overall personality can change. Now it’s upon your choice how much length you want for your extensions.

This treatment is commonly popular in showbiz celebrities but now in mainstream too.

javeria hair extensionBe careful when you are going for extensions in your hair. Choose a professional or an expert for this, avoid your local nail salon because there are risks of bleeding, baldness, hair loss, or hair damage after this treatment like if extensions attached too tightly, problem can develop quickly. Hair stylist makes sure that hair extensions are not pulling at the hair and if it is should remove it and reapply in the proper way. Do not apply too much chemical, as it will cause hair damage more quickly and permanently.

For extensions, should have good quality hair extensions, do not just take the weave out of the pack and put it on, should styled it so that it looks natural.

clip in extension before and afterGive your natural hair regular oil treatment to safe hair getting dry. Hot oil massage is best for hair treatment.

One who has permanent extensions should visit her stylist for maintenance at least once a month or whenever your stylist calls you.