Pakistan’s Proud


All over the world Pakistani people, Pakistani things and Pakistani places, appreciated and get reward. Like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Malala Yousuf Zai, Pakistani forces, Pakistani minerals, Pakistani Mangoes, Pakistani handwork of art & crafts, and many other things.

Here we shows nine good things happened about Pakistan which made Pakistan proud.

Pakistan hits 1000 sixes

Paki cricket team is one of the strongest and record holder team in the world. Recently Pakistan become first Asian side to hit 1000 sixes in Test cricket.

Pakistani men

Pakistani men are very graceful an charming personalities that’s why they are most demanding in other showbiz industry like Bollywood. Pakistani men ranked as Third most sexiest men in the world.


Pakistan is a very beautiful country. One who really enjoy the natural  beauty and scenes, should go to visit northern areas in Pakistan. Islamabad ranked as second most beautiful capital in the world.

mp seats for pakistanis

Pakistani people are also very active socially. UK elections 2015, eight Pakistanis won and got MP seat.



Pakistani people are very talented, intelligent and sharp minded among all.

In a recent global intelligence survey Pakistanis ranked 4th.

ayan qureshiThe youngest Microsoft professional is also from Pakistan, he is 6 year old boy Ayan Qureshi.

pakistan water supply

Pakistan ranked five in globally for improving water and sanitation access for its citizen.

S & P


Etihad 777 flightPakistan International Airline -PIA earns profit of Rs:2.83 billion in its first quarter of 2015.

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