Getting fat? Choose right clothes to look slim and smart

If you are over weight and look fat, then try to pick right choice of outfit as your dressing plays the most important role to highlight your personality. Here are some suggestions to make you look slimmer and thinner by wearing a proper outfit.

  1. Black colour is the most slimming choice for clothing. It hides your fatty looks. Also use other dark colours like Brown, Blue, and Violet to make you look slim.


  1. Vertical stripes are definitely a trick you would try again. Outfits with vertical stripes appear to thinner and lengthen your figure by drawing the eye up and down. Horizontal stripes supposedly do the opposite, makes your looks fatty and weighty. Thin vertical stripes will be good then bold stripes.


  1. Avoid short sleeves or sleeves less dress as it will give you fatty look, quarter sleeves or full sleeves could be better choice for over weight people.


  1. Wear side panel style dresses. Use dark colours for side panels along with contrast in center.

 side panel

  1. If you are top heavy, select V shape neckline outfits.

v neck

  1. Prints selection is very important thing to look thinner. Do not use bold prints, wear small prints or floral prints. Better to mix two prints like polka dots with stripes, or floral with geometrical.
  2. Do not wear skin fitted or baggy pants. It will give you heavy look. Try straight pants, capri or choridar.
  3. Clothes material is also important for your body shape. Chiffon, cotton lawn, silk gives you thinner look while linen, woolen and velvet clothes do the opposite.
  4. If you like embroidered dress then better to choose a long neck embroidery style instead of round motives.
  5.  After select a perfect outfit to look slim and smart, pay attention to your hairstyle, makeup and jewelry.         Like layer shoulder cut suits on round or heavy face. Use contouring and highlight makeup tricks to make your face thinner and you will become up to date.