Keratin Hair Treatment

What does keratin means?

It is a protein that is naturally presents in your hair, nails and skin. For hair, this is helpful to make your hair growth and structure healthy.
By using too much heat products like hair dryer or straightening iron can cause your hair to lose keratin and result in dull or damage hair.
For re-build your hair and restore keratin, mostly hair stylist suggest Keratin Hair Treatment.

What is keratin treatment?

It is a popular hair treatment these days to restore Keratin and changes curly, frizzy hairs into shiny straight healthy hairs by using Keratin straightening product in to your hair. It lasts long for 3-6 months or depends on length, texture & thickness of your hairs. Even fact is that any treatment for hair is not permanent but only depends on growth of new roots.
Be sure, when you going to attempt any chemically hair treatment that you have not allergic problems or your scalp is free from any health issue or better to ask with a dermatologist before getting Hair treatment.

How it is work?

Your hair stylist applies Keratin hair straightening products on your hair, carefully avoiding your scalp. Then use the heat of iron up to 450 degree or blow dry to seal the product in hair. Whole process usually takes 2 hours. Hair should not wash for 3 days as keratin takes time to settle in to your hair.

Benefits & maintenance:

You will get Smooth shiny straight hair. Now you do not need to blow-dry or straightening iron to de-frizz your hair. You can get haircut immediately after treatment and can color your hair after 2 weeks. Wash hair less frequently to maintain the look longer. Avoid shampoo that contains sodium sulfate in it and better to use shampoo that specially made for keratin aftercare.