Dry fruits are useful for Skin and Health


Dry fruits contain a high source of energy, and various other nutrients. Dry fruits can be easily taken and is beneficial if you intake in the morning, though there is no restriction whenever you want to have it. They are also use with various salads. With a handful of dry fruits, you keep moving by boosting up your energy. It is simply good for those who are involved in high workout system, the more energy you lose, the more you can gain from this high nutritional source. They have amazing skin benefits as well. Dry fruits can also take for beauty proposes. They are rich in vitamins, proteins, fiber and calcium. Those people who have tough schedule like traveling, studying, working can get benefits with this powerful resource of nature.

There are various types of dry fruits available in different regions of the world, but the most favorite and highly taken are definitely these.

1. Almonds are useful for radiant skin

Almond is super healthy dry fruit who packed with essential fatty acids, fibers and proteins. It is useful to prevent acne, and for rough skin to make it radiant and glowing. They are also beneficial for improving hemoglobin in the blood and endorse blood circulation. Almonds are also helpful for reducing cholesterol as well as prevents from breast cancer.

  1. Raisins protect your eyes from vision problems

 Raisins are highly beneficial to protect your eyes and useful to protecting your white pearls. By taking, a handful of raisins regularly can help to combat tooth decay and keep cavities at bay. Raisins are a good source of vitamin A, which protects your eyes from vision problems. They are useful for keeping your skin healthy and slow down aging. Raisins are packs with potassium, magnesium, iron they are highly beneficial to those suffering from anaemia.

  1. Walnuts for healthy skin and hair

Walnut is highly healthy nut from the dry fruit family. Walnuts are filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which improve the skin texture and resist dryness of the skin. Walnuts are great source for nourishing skin and hair. A scrub made by walnuts removes dead skin and clears all the dirt.

  1. Cashew nuts for skin care and anti aging

When cashew nuts are eaten in moderation, they helpful in losing weight. Various cosmetics also make use of this great dry fruit as it helps in reducing tan and protects skin. A rich source of Vitamin E cashew nuts are consumed as an anti aging food.

  1. Dry Apricot is useful to treat sunburn

Dry apricots are very good source of iron. It helps to prevent anemia. Daily intake of dry apricot will increase hemoglobin, prevent from constipation and help to treat the digestive tract. It is helpful to relief asthma. Dry apricot juice is use to treat sunburn, eczema and scabies. These are helpful to remove acne. Apricot scrub is often use in many beauty salons to make your skin radiant and glowing.



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