Click a Selfie

It is one of the biggest trend these days. It actually means when we take our own picture with the help of any mobile front or back camera or with digital camera. It can be taken using various methods for example self timer or selfie stick.

fawwad khan selfie

Origin of selfie
First known selfie was taken by an American named as Robert Cornelius.
Purpose of Selfie
Selfie’s are usually taken to be uploaded and posted on social media to get appreciation on Facebook through twitter and Instagram.

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How to take a good Selfie:
Photography is an art. Many people do photography because it is their hobby. There are many things we should keep in mind while taking a selfie.

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Few are listed below
You should always know which angel of your face appears good on camera. So you should capture from that side.
You should always smile while have a selfie because smiling faces are more likely to appreciation.
Full length
If you want to take a full length selfie of your outfit along with shoes. You can take it in mirror.
Don’t edit too much as natural pictures are more nice.
Good light
You should always consider good light. The sun should be in front of you so it brightens up the picture.
Front vs Back Camera
Try to use back camera because it has better camera resolution.
Select a good background
Always take a picture where there is a good background that will make it more interesting.

selfie rivaji 1
Take many pictures
You should always take many pictures at one time and select one of the best among them.
Some more techniques:
Hide your double Chin
Many of us specially women wants to hide their double chin. We can do so by extending our neck and take a picture from above. You should also raise your camera for this.
You should adjust your shoulders while taking the selfie. First slight to the left side and then repeat the procedure from right side and which side look  good in camera choose that one.
Selfie mania ending in injuries:
You should always be careful while taking selfie. Due to selfie madness many injuries are taking place. You should always select a proper place where there is no danger in surrounding after all your life is more important.  Value that!