Bridal Mehndi Dress -Shadi Mubarak (Part II)

After Mayoon function, Mehndi Celebrations does usually start.

Mehndi function is a celebration with full of colours.

On this day, bride applies mehndi on her hands and feet. Mehndi function plays very important role for bride and groom’s families. duirng mehndi function understanding develop between both families. Not only youngsters excited for mehndi function even senior family members also take part very excitedly in all rituals (rasam). Girls and boys practice dancing and singing before 2 to 3 weeks for perform on mehndi day. Some special rituals perform against which bride’s sister or cousins demand for nag in the form of money.

Our eastern bride specially gets ready for her mehndi. She applies mehndi on her hands, wear different cloths then mayoon and become ready for put the colours in her mehndi celebrations.

Latest trend of bridal mehndi dress is multicolor dress.

Have a look on following dresses to get an idea for your perfect mehndi function.

Bride can use multicolor with any plain color like orange or green. If you are planning to wear lehnga, go for multicolor its really  add an attraction to your mehndi dress.

You can use multicolor on four sides of dupatta or slevees can be made with multicolor.

Green is also a latest trend for mehndi function. Girls who would not like to wear multi color dress, go for green as you will be appreciate for perfect mehndi bride.

Don’t forget to wear multi colors bangles in your hands because mehndi bride is incomplete without bangles.

We remind you paranda on your special day. Paranda is also an important piece for mehndi function. It gives you a traditional look. Put a tikka with front backcombing hairstyle and tie paranda with braid.


It will be good to wear khussa or kohlapuri slippers because your friends or cousins can ask you for dance 🙂

Now you are perfectly ready for your mehndi function. Wish you all the best…!!




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