Bath Bombs


In old days , women used herbs to gain and maintain their natural beauty.  Sometime herbs were used in real form and sometime women made any particular paste or mixture from these herbs.  Usually beauty products are using during bath. Here I am writing about a product that is popular in use nowadays. These are called bath bombs.

Bath bombs are dry hard packed balls, contains essential oils that can keep your body soft and fragrance makes you fresh for a long time. Some bath bombs contain flower petals and glitter also. Bath bombs are like usually ball shaped but sometime they are like tablets or heart shaped.


They use in bath to get essential oils with pleasant fragrance. Some bath bombs are also contains bright colours and glitter.


They are a form of bath fizzes. Bath bombs are perfect for pleasant bath experience. They found as excited and wonderful bath element. Kids bath time become more fun filled and joyful when bath bomb added in their bath tub.

How to use:

Bath bombs are uses during bath. First fill your bath tub with warm water and dip a bath bomb in it. Bath bomb will dissolve in water and your bath water will become scented.


(bath water has changed after bath bomb dissolve in it)

Do not use plain water after taking bath with bath bomb water. Some bath bombs also have surprises which can be found during pleasant bath.

Bath bombs can be made at home also.  You just follow steps mention below:

All you need is

¼ cup citric acid

½ cup baking soda

1 cup Epsom salt

Small quantity of Essential oil

Almond oil or olive oil


Mix citric acid, baking soda and Epsom salt altogether. Pour 10-12 drops of essential oil.  Add few drops of food colour to make them more excited. You can also add glitter or petal in the mixture.  Spray a ittle amount of water with spray bottle and makes small balls. Let them dry over night. You can preserve them for one year and make your bath very joyful.


  • Kathleen Brown

    I have never seen these before. Looks like something I would just love. A glass of wine and ahh the days stress would disappear. Curious if it would stain the bathtub or does it just wash away?