Amazing Uses Of Vaseline


Many wonderful things are bond with winter season and that’s the reason people enjoy winters by having all these exciting things like dry fruits, soap, coffee, sea foods and colorful winter wears and of course moisturizing creams and lotions.  Almost everyone keep a Vaseline jar in her home so that skin can prevent from dryness or roughness. But here we tell you some other amazing uses of Vaseline that can be very helpful in your various common problems.

It is not just a moisturizer or a lip balm to soften your skin &lips you can use it in many different ways:

  • if you want to give length to your eyelashes,  apply vasseline with a mascara brush daily and get surprise by the result.
  • by adding some vasseline and salt in any baby oil you can make a perfect scrub for your face.
  • You can make your own chemical free lip gloss by mixing beet root powder or food colour with vasaline.
  • if you are running out of your favourite lip color and need it urgently so just add the desire shade from your eye-shade kit in the Vaseline and get your favourite lip color
  • You can make your instant serum for your split end problem by mixing 2 tbsp of water in 1 tsp of vasaline and apply on dry hairs.
  • Is it difficult to put on ear ring? or your ring stuck in your finger? Grease it with Vaseline, now you can easily put on your favourite jewellry.
  • if you are facing trouble to opening a freezy lock. Apply Vaseline on the lock as well as key and it will open easily.
  • You can use Vaseline as a makeup cleanser also. Just mix with 2 tbsp of milk and 1 tbsp on Vaseline to remove your makeup quickly.
  • Make your perfume smell long lasting, before spraying a perfume, just rub small amount of perfume on your neck and wrist, and you will smell pleasant all day long.
  • squeaky doors doesn’t sounds pleasant specially in the calm winters so use petroleum jelly on hinge pins of the door
  • save your tools from rustring. apply vasseline
  • If yours leather shoes or bags looks dusty and you do not have enough shiner, you can apply some amount of vasaline on it with a help of cotton, your shoes and bags will look clean and new.