5 Easy ways to remove dark circle around eyes

Its usually come to see that late night studying, watching too much tv, working on computer for long hours, lack of sleep and prolonged crying can cause dark circles around eyes.

Anyone can easily get rid of dark circle by using simple home remedies because it is not a serious skin problem but it gives a look of tired, exhausted and older. Try following tips to remove or lightening your dark circles:

1.   Cut fresh cucumber slices and covered your eyes with them for  about 10 minutes then wash off. Repeat this twice a day for a week.

2.   Cut a raw potato into thick slices and covered your eyes for about 20 minutes. Wash off    with cold water.

3.   Tomato and lemon has bleaching properties. Mix one tsp of tomato juice into half tsp of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on eyes for a week. You can also use tomato slices for lightening dark circles.

4.    Keep two green or black tea bags in the refrigerator for about half an h our. Place both chill tea bags on both eyes for 10 -15 minutes then wash off.

5.     Almond oil is another good source to remove dark circle. Slightly massage almond oil around eyes and leave it for whole night, wash in the morning.

And always remember not to reading books in lying positing, avoid watching tv in darkness, take full hours sleep and one must thing “Always be happy” 🙂