Amazing makeup tricks: Contouring and highlights


It is very common thing that most women only worried about their complexion even they are fair but still wants to get fairer. While beauty exactly depends on your face features or face shape.

Contouring is a make-up trick or an art that slim your face, thins your nose, highlights your cheek bones and hide your double chin effect.

By proper contouring your face, you can enhance your look and feel good. Before going to start contouring, you should better know the order of products you use.

And remember one thing, the best make-up techniques should be economical, time saving and easy to do.

For this you need a concealer, a foundation in lighter shade (for highlighting), a foundation or powder in slightly darker shade than your skin (for contouring), and a powder brush.



Contour and highlight:

 Apply contouring shade on the sides of your forehead, in a diagonal line from the center of your cheeks to the ear then on your jaw line. Make a fishy-face when doing contour your cheeks, it will give you perfect shaped area (Don’t forget to blend well)

Use concealer underneath your eyes to combat dark circle.

For thinner nose, use contour foundation on sides of your nose.

After use contouring shade (matte bronzer or dark shade), now use light shade of foundation or powder to highlight your face features. Apply powder on bridge of nose, apple of cheeks, center of forehead and center of your chin.

 Use blush under cheek bones to enhance your face features.

Now your face looks perfectly slim.