10 useful things about Waxing

  1. Waxing is a common and popular service offered by saloon. Girls who do not have enough time to go saloon, try to do at home. It is better to ask an expert for wax and be careful when doing yourself.
  2.  Wax is better than shave because wax removes hair from roots and removes dead skin too while shavings cut your hair, not long lasting and not look good. Mostly women need wax only once in a month, but shave needs daily repetition.
  3.  There are two types of waxing method, hot wax (hard wax) and cold wax. Hot wax is more effective other than cold wax method.
  4.  Anyone can get wax, people of all ages and both gender, male/female who does not like hairs on their body.
  5.  Before doing wax be sure that your skin is free from any injury, cut or burn.
  6.  Better to take an Aspirin or use numbing cream before doing wax, it will help to reduce pain specially for those who are going to attempt wax first time. You can use scrub before wax to remove dead cell around pores.
  7.  Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water, and avoid alcohol or caffeine before waxing.
  8.  When ready for wax, use a wooden stick to apply wax on skin with the direction of hair. Now place a cloth or brown hard paper or wax strip on area, press it on skin about 10 – 15 seconds, tight your skin from bottom then rip the cloth or strip at once from opposite direction of hair growth. Do not apply the wax on same area this could irritate the skin. Wash your hands with cool water when you are done.
  9.  After wax, avoid using any powder, lotion, gel or cream until next 24 hours.
  10.  Avoid to go in direct sunlight, or to take steam bath and intense heating exercise until next day.