10 Makeup Mistakes to avoid

  1. Its better to start your makeup by moisturize your skin. Do not apply makeup to dry skin, it will cause cracks after sometime and your will look aged instead of young.
  2. Foundation is the base of your makeup, your all efforts will tear down if choose a shade which does not match to your skin tone. Choose a foundation according to your natural tone.
  3. Do not use of old brushes or dirty brushes. Make sure that equipments that are using for makeup is proper clean or not expired.
  4. Proper blend your face to your neck. Mostly women just focus on face till chin and ignore neck, it is not good, blend your face with same shade of foundation and avoid a caked on look.makemistake
  5. Dark eyebrows gives you intense or heavy look so use pencil that match with your natural colour of brows.
  6. Never use darker shade of outline pencil. It will give you messy look. Always try to use colour that only one shade darker to your natural lips colour.
  7. Use of lip-gloss is a technique, some women apply gloss on full lips, this is wrong because it will make your looks artificial, not natural. Use gloss only centre of lower lip, it will give you perfect pouty shape.
  8. Mostly women think that by applying powder on each part of face, they will look fresh or balanced. It is wrong. Apply powder only on those parts where needed usually t-zone.
  9. Choose shades according seasons like avoid darker shades in summer season or in daylight. Dark shades will look good in winter season or in the evening party.